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Sai Ram and Welcome to the

2018 Pacific Northwest Region 6 Labor Day Retreat!

Theme for this year: Love, Life, Laughter... The Innernet

When: Saturday noon, 1st September 2018 – Monday noon, 3rd September 2018

We welcome you all to our Annual Region 6 Labor Day Retreat to celebrate and contemplate on our Beloved Bhagavan’s message and to dwell on how we can incorporate His message into every aspect of our lives.

This year we are again meeting at Cedar Ridge Conference and Retreat Center in Vernonia, Oregon. Please read all the details in the links below for some very important information about the venue, accommodation, food and other facilities.


Based on the feedback from last year, some of the changes we have made this year include:

  • Keeping families together in the accommodations

  • Avoiding Dorms as much as possible, and leveraging the guest houses and the nearby Ride Inn to provide a comfortable stay for everyone

  • Hiring a professional catering staff to provide all meals

We are very excited to inform you that we have two wonderful messengers and instruments of Swami’s love as our guest speakers this year, Bro. S.Kumar from Washington DC and Bro. Andrew Barker from Seattle. Our speakers will share some of their wonderful experiences and lessons learned on their amazing journey as a Sai devotee. Please see the Speakers page for more details about our guest speakers.


As always we will have Saturday evening campfire with satsang and singing, morning devotional program of Nagarsankeertan, Suprabhatam, and meditation, plenty of spirited bhajan sessions, a panel discussion by long time Swami devotees from our region, Nature walk, wonderful food, Young Adult and SSE programs, and simply sitting with Swami in the devotional hall with the beautifully inspired altar, or hiking and embracing the beautiful woods in the area.


This year we are excited to announce several exciting workshops highlighting various aspects that help us in our spiritual journey, including one on “Meditation”. Several of these will be conducted by experts from our own region. 

Please take advantage of early registration and we look forward to seeing you all at beautiful Cedar Ridge!

Om Sri Sai Ram

Dates: September 1 - September 3, 2018

Venue: Cedar Ridge Retreat & Conference Center, 18062 Keasey Rd, Vernonia, OR 97064







Workshop #1: An Illustrated Guide to Meditation

(By Bro. Andrew Barker)

In this workshop, the attendees will have a chance to learn ways in which they can bring the practice of meditation into their daily lives. The workshop explores WHAT, WHY, HOW, aspects of Meditation - WHAT is Meditation, WHY is Meditation important and HOW can one bring it into one's daily routine.


Workshop #2: Practicing Ceiling on Desires

(By Bro. Avinash Mahalingam and Sister Madhavi Jampala)

The objective of this workshop is to delve into Swami's teachings on the Ceiling on desires program. The workshop further looks into some of the techniques from Phyllis Krystal's workshops that we can use to program our subconscious mind. 


Workshop #3: Spiritual Practices to Meet Life’s Challenges

(By Sister Rosi Goldsmith)

This workshop explores how one can practice spirituality in our everyday lives and face everyday challenges while being in an inner state of Peace and Faith using a Head -To-Heart approach.



Venue: Cedar Ridge Retreat and Conference Center

Address: 18062 Keasey Rd, Vernonia, OR 97064

Website: http://www.visitcedarridge.com/

Watch a short video about the available facilities    >>>










  • 30 Acre Private Facility

  • Family owned with very friendly management

  • Large conference room (Capacity 100)

  • 3 guest houses with a total of 60 bunk beds with linens

  • Super sized dining Area and kitchen

  • 2 outdoor amphitheaters with fire pit

  • Ball courts/pool and other rec facilities

  • Outdoor sheltered areas for activities

  • Walking trails with creek running around the Facility

  • Lots of camping and parking options





A Map of Cedar Ridge Retreat and Conference Center











Please see below details carefully.


​This year we have 2 accommodation options:

1. On-site : Guest House

2. Near site : Ride Inn Hotel

For families that would like to stay together in a single room or for people with problems sleeping on bunk beds, please do mention about those needs in the “special requests” section of the registration form and we will try our best to allot room in Ride inn hotel. We will try to accommodate you considering family needs, special needs etc. Please cooperate with us.

Ride Inn Hotel Room Accommodation

We have reserved all 15 rooms in Ride Inn hotel, about a mile and a half away from the Retreat location for retreat lodging from September 1st to 3rd.

  • Address:  900 Madison Avenue, Vernonia, OR 97064

    • Total available: 15 rooms with 2 queen beds in each

    • Linens, pillows, comforters and bath towels supplied

    • Attached bathrooms in each room

    • Please DO NOT contact Ride Inn directly since rooms have been reserved for the retreat

    • Dogs are permitted with a $25 non-refundable fee, use of kennels is preferred

Cedar Ridge Guest House Accommodation

We have reserved all guest houses on the Cedar ridge facility. Cedar Ridge is mostly used for basketball camps for middle schooler's and the accommodation is more of a dormitory style with all bunk beds. There are no private rooms for each family. Please be prepared to stay with other family. We will try our best to match families. All guest houses are within a few steps walking distance from each other.

  • Total Available: 50 bunk beds (2 levels) in two guest houses

  • Linens, pillows, comforters and bath towels supplied

  • Attached Bathrooms

  • Kitchen and living areas, rooms are always unlocked

  • Heating available

  • A very simple 2-3-inch mattress (thickness of a chair cushion) will be provided for each bed, it may not be comfortable for people who cannot sleep on thin cushion type beds.


Please note that none of the rooms in the guest houses will be locked at any time during the retreat, so it’s important that you take good care of your valuables and keep them in a safe place in your vehicles or on your person always.


Children below the age of 12 are expected to sleep with one of their parents and can bring their own comforter and pillows. In case you want a separate bed for them, please register them under adult category. Elders and members with special needs will be given preference when allocating the guest house accommodation.

The retreat team will do everything in their capacity to try and make sure everyone’s stay is comfortable.



Frequently Asked Questions

I plan to attend the retreat with my family. Can I request a guest house room for my family to stay together?

This year we have 2 accommodation options: (1) on-site Guest House (2) near site Ride Inn Hotel. You can read up more about the accommodation here[ link to accommodations page]. Due to limited number of private rooms, we may not be able to offer each family a private room for themselves. When it comes to private rooms allotment, we will prioritize families with infants/small children, families with special needs, senior citizens. In case, we are not able to accommodate families together, we may have to split the family members between 2 rooms based on gender. In case of special needs with regards to accommodation, do mention those in the registration form. For families that would like to stay together in a single room, there are hotel options within about a 45 min drive from the venue. Please contact retreat@sairegion6.org for hotel details.


I plan to attend the retreat for one day on Sunday. Can I request for a single day rate?

Yes. We do have options for registrants who don't need lodging. A single day registration fee covers retreat facility usage fees and 3 meals (break fast, lunch and dinner) fees. The retreat spans 2 days from noon on 1st September to noon on 3rd September. Registration fees are as follows: Adult (18 years and above) - 50$ per day, Teens (13-17 years) - 40$ per day, Kids (4-12 years) - 25$ per day, Kids below 4 years of age - free

I am planning to attend the retreat with my one year old daughter. Do I need to add her details to the registration form?

Yes. Please do include details of all members accompanying you for the retreat, including infants. This will help the retreat team to make necessary arrangements at the facility. Please note that there is no accommodation fee for kids of 12 years of age (sleeping on sleeping bags/with parents) and below.


I am looking for carpool options to attend the retreat. How can I reach out to other devotees who are willing to carpool?

Please mention that you would like to carpool as part of special requirements on the registration form. The retreat team will try their best to connect you with other devotees who may be traveling from your area.


Are scholarships available to attend the retreat?

Yes, limited number of scholarships will be available. Please contact the retreat registrar to request. We will try our best to accommodate your request.

Can I bring and / or cook my own food?

Please note that the food team will try their best to accommodate special dietary needs (vegan, diabetic, lactose intolerance, food allergies). Please make sure to mark them on the registration form. If you still have a special dietary need and prefer bringing your own ingredients and cooking your own food, do mention on the registration and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Will there be a bookstore at the retreat?

No. There will not be a bookstore at the retreat. Instead, we will have a media exchange table. If you would like to donate/exchange Swami books (only Swami books), audio/video, CD/DVDs, and/or Baba photos, please bring them to the media exchange area in the dining hall.

How can I register for workshops at the retreat?

Workshops are currently being finalized. As soon as we have the details, we will publish the information on the retreat website and send out a notification to all the registrants via email with link to workshops page . For those devotees who don’t use the internet (who have not provided us an email address, but have provided a phone number as part of the registration form), we will contact you and provide the details. You can register for workshops at the registration desk when you pick up your badge at the retreat.


Will there be childcare during the retreat?

No. There are no plans for providing childcare for small children. However, there will be designated areas at the retreat where parents can take care of their children.

Will there be opportunities to volunteer at the retreat?

Yes, absolutely. Please indicate your area of interest on the registration form. One of the organizers will get in touch with you.


What weather conditions are we expecting during the retreat?

This time of the year, the weather should be pleasant with lots of sunlight and long days. However, the temperatures at the Park can be 10 degrees lower than the surrounding area. Please bring warm clothing, flashlight, and any other personal care items you might need. The facility offers lots of trails you could explore, so be prepared with good walking shoes.


Is there a dress code for the retreat?

Yes. For all age groups and genders, please wear modest attire that is comfortable and loose fitting. Cover yourselves, shorts and sleeveless tops are not considered appropriate for a spiritual gathering such as this

What else should I pack for my retreat trip?

Below is a checklist of essential/recommended items to pack for your trip

  • Medication

  • Personal care items and toiletries

  • Comforter, pillows, bed sheets if you have special preferences

  • Bath slippers

  • Flash light, umbrella / poncho, insect repellent

  • Jackets / sweater

  • Water Bottle – join us in our “Go Green” efforts!


I had registered for the retreat but due to some unavoidable circumstances, I am having to cancel my trip. I have already made a payment for the registration fees and accommodation. Is it possible to get a refund?

Yes, we will work with you for a complete refund. If you have any change in plans, please send a mail to retreat@sairegion6.org. In the case that you cannot join the retreat, please be sure to inform us by Thursday, August 29, 2018. This will help us make any adjustments in meals and accommodation and avoid wastage.

I have a friend who is not a Sai devotee, can I bring him/her to the retreat?

Most certainly. The retreat is open for anyone who is a spiritual speaker. However, this is a Sai Spiritual retreat and its essential that all members maintain the etiquette of the Sai organization always during the retreat. Let us know and we can help them providing them a new comer orientation.

Is Camping Allowed at the retreat facility? Is there a cost for that?

Yes, camping is allowed at this facility. Please contact retreat@sairegion6.org for more details

Is there any form of transportation provided onsite for elders?

Yes. At the retreat site, we will have volunteers to provide transportation for devotees who need help. Please talk to personnel at the registration desk once you are at the venue

I am coming from out of town on Friday night. Can I get accommodation for Friday night?

Yes. Please indicate on the registration form that you need Friday night accommodation and we will get back to you. Please note that you Friday night accommodation is at an extra charge.

Are pets allowed at the facility?

We consider pets part of our family. Unfortunately, the Cedar Ridge Conference and Retreat Center does not allow pets on site at any time. But Dogs are permitted in Ride Inn with a $25 non-refundable fee, use of kennels is preferred. We request your cooperation in respecting their pet policy.


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