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Go-green efforts: To conserve resources as much as possible: 

1. Please bring your own water bottles, as there will be water dispensers at the venue. Single-use water bottles will not be provided at the event.

2. The food team is planning to arrange reusable cutlery. We will not provide printed delegate folders with program information, notepads, or pens to delegates. If you require note taking devices or items, please plan accordingly.

Dress Code:  Please dress in modest attire appropriate for spiritual gatherings, covering ankles and shoulders

COVID-19 Protocol and Wellness Information: In the spirit of service to all attendees, including children and seniors, we request all the attendees to monitor their symptoms. Please exercise sound judgment when participating in any activity or interacting with fellow devotees if you experience any symptoms. Unless you are actively symptomatic, masks are optional.

Transportation and Stay: If you require assistance and have not already indicated it at the time of registration, please contact sister Bhavana Kakubal (bhavana.kakubal@yahoo.com).

Day-1 Parking



There will be interactive value-based outdoor activities at Marymoor Park in Redmond. Please arrive by 9:30 AM. Our event will be at Velodrome Picnic Shelter A . We will assemble at 9:30AM at Lot 1 Parking Lot. Young Adults, Group-4 students and adults will then embark on a value-based quest that will involve working in teams to solve fun puzzles and engage in interactive value-based activities along a 30-45 minutes’ walking trail. This will be followed by an organized session on how to spread Swami's message in the community from 11 am to noon.

Directions: When you come in, please park at Lot 1 (https://goo.gl/maps/N4wF1r9Z73HUSGAV6) to participate in the first set of activities. After the walk, we will assemble at Velodrome Picnic Shelter A for the second part of the activities. There is a parking fee of $1 that can be purchased at the parking kiosks throughout the park.

Last Minute Updates: Please be sure to check your mail Sunday morning around 8 AM for any last-minute changes or instructions.

Dress Code: We recommend casual comfortable and modest clothing. Please be prepared for the early fall weather of the Pacific Northwest. Please wear comfortable walking shoes, a cap, and a jacket, if needed. Please remember this is a Sai event so keep our dress code in mind. Wear clothes that are comfortable and cover up fully to Ankle length and sleeved tops (this mean no shorts or sleeveless clothing). This applies to everyone including kids over 5.

What to bring?

o Water bottles for walking and outdoor activities.

o While the picnic shelter has some seating, it’s nice to be able to spread out and sit under the tree during Satsang. So, if you have old blankets or spreads, please bring them to spread on the grass. Old is the keyword since they may get dirty or muddy. Please also bring picnic chairs, if you can.

o Please bring outdoor games equipment, such as Badminton Kit or Cricket Set, Volleyball, Frisbees, etc. to enjoy with everyone. Please label your equipment so we can ensure everyone gets back their things at the end of the day.

Day-2 Location Map